Projects & Innovation

Current Projects

At Sepanta Wind Energy, LLC., we are currently engaged in developing several large scale wind farms located throughout regions of West Texas.

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Sepanta Wind Energy, Eskota Project
The wind turbines acquired by our company are utility scale turbines, ranging in size from 2.3 MW to 3.3 MW each. Our 2.3 MW at 100m hub height wind turbines in a moderately windy area can produce as much as 8330.0 MWhr of electric energy per year, enough to power 750 to 830 homes with average annual power consumptions of about 10,000 kWh per household.

Education and Wind Energy

Sepanta Wind Energy believes that green energy will insure economic and political self-sufficiency for Texas and the nation. To learn more about Wind Energy and our national energy resource goals, we provide resources on Functionality of Wind Farms and the U.S. Wind Energy Goals.

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