Current Projects

Sepanta's latest land acquisition for development is an approx. 2,000 acres of land located not far from Sweetwater, Texas. It is north of Interstate 20 in Nolan County, with easy access to Pecos and Northern Texas Railways and favorable existing electrical substation and transmission infrastructure. The wind capacity potential of this land was carefully studied prior to its purchase and substantial technical assessment was made very similar to Sepanta's other energy projects. It was therefore decided that its average annual wind speed of nearly 8.45 m/s at 80-meter hub height was quite suitable for the establishment of a future utility scale wind farm.

Sepanta Wind Energy, LLC has carefully selected Nolan County for its wind project since this county has established itself as a major center for wind power generation in the state of Texas. A 2008 report found the concentration of wind power in Nolan County is generating more wind energy than the entire state of California, and would rank 6th in wind power generation among all nations if it were counted as its own nation.

A map of the general area of the Sepanta Eskota wind farm project.